How to Look at Your Best on The Beach

“Wet hair, no make-up, no high-heels and only a swimsuit to wear” undermines self-confidence of almost all women unless they have the top-model look. Everybody loves a vacation on seaside or poolside of a luxury resort or on a yacht; but yet being so naked doesn’t always feel that good for everyone. Especially if you are a perfectionist and care a lot about your looks!

Worrying about your cellulites, thinking about how your hips look while you walk, trying to breathe in your stomach so your tummy would look tight, regretting of not starting a diet & exercise program to slim your legs… Are those familiar? Everything you ate during the lock-down days of Covid-19 pandemic added up on your curves, inch by inch, and now you just want to enjoy blue waters without thinking about your imperfections. Release your stress of a long year and but also look as beautiful as you are, right? So what to do?

We have some useful suggestions that would help. If you know your enemy well, it’s easier to take a precaution. Even the fashion models have some insecurities about their looks, so try to figure out which part makes you feel insecure: legs, arms, hips, tummy? With a properly selected kaftan, dress or cover-up, you may hide your imperfections and attract the attention to your most beautiful features. Here are 6 for selecting the right pareo for you:

  1. High Waist Kaftans: High waist will make your legs look longer and also cover your thighs to make you look thinner. Maxi length provides a fairy-like look especially while you are walking, and if there’s a slight breeze, the billowing skirt will make you look stunning. Mini-length will attract the attention to your legs if you are confident about them and hide your belly part perfectly. So if you have long legs but you want to hide your belly, high-waist mini kaftans are a good choice.
  2. One-Shoulder Dresses: Your breast size is large and you want to create an illusion, and your shoulders are not narrow, then one-shoulder dresses are made for you! The asymmetric cut will make your breasts look smaller and compliment your beautiful shoulders. Depending on your body type; you can select a loose-mini model to hide your belly, or a fitting-long model with a slit if you have slim legs.
  3. Normal-Height Waist Robe Kaftans: If you are overweight, dark color floor-length robe kaftans will create miracles. Especially black lace models, appealing but yet covering all the imperfections, will make you feel like a queen on the beach. Normal-height waisted robes also compliment thin waists and draw all the attention to this part. So if you are trying to cover your cellulites, a mini-robe kaftan will make even you forget about that part of your body while you are enjoying the admired looks. Floor-length robes on the other hand, will help you cover your legs while revealing your waist and cleavage.
  4. Low-Back Dresses: You think you have a beautiful back, and focus the attention there, low-back dresses are a very good option to create a glam, sexy and distinguished look. Either long or short, a low-back cut dress will pull all eyes on you without any doubt! Long sleeve options will also help you hide thick arms or arm fat if you consider you have those. If you want your silhouette to show-off, a spaghetti strap low-back dress will give you what you’re looking for.
  5. Playing with The Colors: Dark colors, especially black is very well-known to make you look slimmer. But you can also consider dark browns and dark blues to serve the same purpose, depending on your skin color and hair color. Brown shades, from beige to dark chocolate colors, accompany the bronze skin and compliment red/brunette hair colors perfectly. Dark blue, purple, dark green and red colors will make blonde hair even more sparkly. Light/pastel, white and also black colors, make black hair even more shiny and attractive. Also consider neon colors to emphasize your tan skin while nobody will ever notice your cellulites.
  6. Convertible Dresses: You are on the beach of a resort and your sun bathing session will be followed by a beach party at the evening. Or you are enjoying the pool but you want to switch to the restaurant -which has a dress code-. Or you are on a yacht tour and you will return to the marina at the evening and maybe grab a bite while you’re there. Should you carry a suitcase with you to have the right outfit for every step of your day? Well, you can simply go for convertible dresses as a good option of being ready for different occasions. This way you can save some space in your luggage and also enjoy your multiple purpose outfit.